Online Computer Tuition for PC or Mac

The aim of our online computer tuition is to help you become a more independent and confident computer user. That’s it.

Whatever kind of computer you use, PC, or Mac, running Windows, Mac OS X, or even Linux, we can help you get to grips with it.

Online Bite size computer tuition

By connecting to your screen, we can give bite size computer lessons and timely online computer tuition top-ups. So as you come to something that needs explaining, you can call, and we can connect to your computer to show you what to do. A few bite size sessions might take you much further than one big lesson anyway. And if there are particular things giving you trouble, you can call and go through them as they arise instead of saving up a list of niggles and queries.

Online tuition is unfortunately only available for computer users as it is not possible to remotely connect to tablets.